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What kind of grass cloth is good?

What kind of grass cloth is good? In the face of so many varieties and varieties, we may be blinded and don't know how to choose. So, is there a good way to make us more labor-saving and buy high-quality and low-cost grass cloth? You might as well try it this way.

In fact, the purchase of straw proof cloth is not a very difficult thing. From the current market, it is mainly divided into two kinds, one is polypropylene straw proof cloth, which is also a material we used before. According to the past practice, this kind of material can be used for about three years, and the price is not very expensive. The basic factory price is about 0.9 yuan per square meter. The other is polyethylene straw proof cloth, which is a new material just came out in 2018. If this material is made of new material, its service life can be about 10 years, and its price is slightly higher. The factory price is about 1.1 yuan. Although the price of these two materials is about 0.2 yuan higher, the service life is much higher and the unit cost is lower.

In this way, can you better choose the grass proof cloth?


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