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How to spread the straw cloth?

How to spread the straw cloth? Many users constantly ask us this question, and there are many times, because there is no correct laying of straw cloth or improper operation, resulting in the use effect of straw cloth is not good, and mistakenly think that the quality of our straw cloth is not good, we are also very embarrassed. Today, our factory will teach you how to lay straw cloth by hand.

First of all: clean the place where the grass cloth is to be laid, especially if there is no stone or large objects, it is better to clean the surface flat, so as not to let these sharp objects pierce the grass cloth.

Next: the second step is to lay the grass cloth on the place we just cleaned, and then fix it with the nails.

Again: the joints between the grass cloth are very important, and the joints need to be fixed with ground nails, so as to prevent the wind from uncovering, causing a large area of lifting.

If possible, you can press some big stones or soil blocks on the grass cloth, which is better. It can make the grass cloth better fit on the ground.


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