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Weed Control Fabric/Ground Cover/Landscape Fabric

  • Green color Weedmat
  • Green color Weedmat
Green color WeedmatGreen color Weedmat

Green color Weedmat

  • Weed Control Mat
  • Product description: Weed Control Mat

Product Weed Control Fabric, Ground Cover, Landscape Fabric, Garden Cover
Material PP or PE
Type weave
Weight 70GSM-180GSM
Width 50cm-430cm
Length follow your requirements.
Color mainly in Black with green grid,or follow your requirements
Weave 8*8, 9*9, 10*10, 11*11, 12*12, 13*13, 14*14
UV Resistance Yes
Working Life 2-8 years with UV treated
Feature Non-toxic, UV protection, Durable tear-resistance, Easy to cover with light weight
Packing packed in roll/piece/carton or customized
Sample free sample is available
Application Agriculture planting, Gardening, Landscaping,Silt Fence, Geotextile, car boot liner etc.
Function Excellent weed control and insect prevention, reduce weedicide use to provide organic soil and healthy food.
Exceptional permeability of water, air, fertilizer which are good for plant growing.
Good toughness and strength, UV resistance for long working life.
Keep workplace clean and marking-lines improve working efficiency.
Easy to cover because of Lightweight and follows natural ground contours.

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